New Delhi: With growing dissent against the rape accused in the country, the Buxar jail administration is working overtime preparing hanging ropes purportedly for the four convicts of Nirbhaya gang rape and murder accused in Delhi. 

According to reports, three days ago, a directive was sent to jail superintendent Vijay Kumar Arora to prepare 10 hanging ropes. The direction came in the wake of the Union home ministry recommending President Ram Nath Kovind to reject the mercy petition of one of the convicts, Vinay Sharma. Though it is not known for whom these ropes are meant for, the direction has triggered speculations that the ropes are meant for execution of the four convicts in the case. 

Buxar jail superintendent Vijay Kumar Arora said on Sunday, “I have been asked by my senior to keep 10 hanging ropes ready. I am not aware which jail has asked for the supply of so many hanging ropes. But we are ready on the job.” 

The Buxar central jail is well known for its expertise in preparing hanging ropes, earlier known as Manila ropes. Ropes supplied from this jail have led to the execution of several outlaws in the past including Dhananjay Chatterjee, convicted of raping and killing a 14-year-old girl; Ajmal Kasab, who was involved in the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, and Afzal Guru, who was convicted in the 2001 Parliament attacks.

Some reports state that the environment of Buxar Jail, bordered by two rivers, is very ideal to prepare such ropes which are made from a special kind of thread which is J-34 cotton yarn. The yarn is spun into a thick thread and is smoothened with a coat of soft wax and special care is taken to ensure there are no knots at all in the thread. There are varieties of ropes made by the Buxar Jail inmates which include tent ropes, handcuff ropes, and hanging ropes or Manila ropes. 

With the series of developments in the country, speculations are rife that the seven-year-old Nirbhaya case could soon reach its closure.