Agra: A few days ago, Agra mayor, Naveen Jain, has claimed that burqa is worn by terrorists to hide their identities, hence Indians should also give up burqa. This comment has completely annoyed the Muslims residing there.

Agra Muslims now demand his apology.

Naveen Jain said that India is in the 21st century and no one follows old religious practices, and hence Muslim community should ban burqa.

The mayor further said that burqa is worn by terrorists to hide their identities, and gave an example of the Sri Lanka blasts on Easter Sunday.

Jain went on saying that Muslims should voluntarily give up burqa in India as well.

Bhartiya Muslim Vikas Community chairman Sami Aghai reacted by saying the the mayor’s statement is shocking.

Adding to his statement, Aghai said that Agra is a city, which has seen over 500 years of mixed Hindu-Muslim heritage. He wanted to know if the burqa ban would really put an end to terrorism.

Sami Aghai said if burqa is to be banned, then purdah should also be banned. Purdah is common among certain sections of Hindu women. He even said that a lot of Hindu women have started using it to commit crimes. He demanded an apology from the mayor of Agra.

Saba Khan, the principal of a local college, said that in Islam, women are supposed to cover their body with burqa and also cover their feelings so that they remain pure.

She also said that the mayor doesn’t have the right to comment on the practice of burqa. 

“He is a part of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and BJP is anti-muslim, so he was only following his party’s ideology by making such laughable comments on Muslims and burqa,” said Samiuddin, a social activist.