Brunell Sanghvi is a qualified entrepreneur and a managing partner at Chemet, a family owned business based in Mumbai, India.
Being born in a family with great spiritual foundation from her grandparents Mr. Kishore Sanghvi and Mrs. Malini Sanghvi, Brunell was inspired to fulfill her vision of working towards a better society. With this thought and vision, she affiliated herself with Psychic Temples and was mentored by none other than her Guru, High Priestess Dr. Karishma Shetty, who reaffirmed her already existing faith in spirituality.

Besides being compassionate about people, animals, and the planet, she knows that we are all one, and consciously attempts to honour this oneness. Brunell is a true believer of karma and supernatural occurrences. She is passionate about occult and chooses to practice her own expert abilities for the development of herself and others. She is an expert Tarot Card reader , a certified Numerologist and a profound healer. She believes that to live a life that one loves, one must reengineer and reprogram oneself to do that.

Being Master Karishma Shetty’s student, Ms. Brunell Sanghvi says that the reason she decided to surrender to Master Karishma was Karishma’s knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, Brunell was drawn to the unconditional love Guruma showered on her  during her tough times. Master Karishma guided her through all her challenges.
Brunell means - to heal and she decided to surrender and gegin her spiritual journey after 2012. The journey that began the “Guru- shishya duo.”

A little about her first interaction with her Gurumaa. She met Master Karishma Shetty for the first time in her teenage with her childhood friends. Brunel met Gurumaa as a client. She has written down all the questions that she wanted to Master Karishma.  All of Brunell’s questions were answered with mind boggling accuracy. Brunell left feeling peaceful. Observing this, she was awed and taken aback by Master Karishma’s wisdom and intuition. Her practice intrigued me as I found her divinity beautiful. She felt Gurumaa was divine rather than religious and had an open mindset to different cultures. It was an inspiring moment, one in which Brunell found exactly what she was  looking for; having the perfect blend of  knowledge mix of modern and traditional scripts to guide this era.

However, between 2012- 2014, they lost touch and reconnected on the most auspicious of “Gurupurnima” in 2015.

In her heart this was the most remarkable day,  as it was the first time in her life she surrendered completely, chose and accepted her Guru and performed the guru-shishya parampara. Amidst this , she was super insecure about herself. The insecurity was rising. Brunell was unconfident and faced inferiority complex. When people met her they thought she was very confident. 
However, that was not true. I was only confident on the outside but damaged on the inside. This was my ice breaking moment as only Guruma could see through this.

The most important thing Psychic Temples gave me was a blend of shelter to be myself, love to accept and approve of myself and nurturing that I missed. It made me believe in myself and trust the process of life. It taught me to be grateful, practice gratitude and abide by the law of Karma. Karishma taught me that there can be unconditional love outside of our families as well. 
This was an important learning for me as I was a family oriented person and I used to think that only our family members could love us unconditionally, but I was mistaken as love is abundant and has no boundaries. The student clan here at Psychic Temples played an integral part in my transformation process. From performing hommas, to tarot readings to chanting together, to being there in thick and thin, each one played an important part.

In reality, when I had nowhere to go, and needed to be loved , Guruma, accepted me. She was my 3 am friend, my guide, my mother, my father, my teacher, and everything under the stars. She loves me like her own and her boldness makes me respect her whole-heartedly.

Guruma is my FAIRY GODMOTHER. Someone who I truly respect, Adore and cherish.

Some of my key take away from Gurumas teaching that I personally resonate with is:
●       Healing is recharging for your soul.
●       ‘Approval is not important of the world, you approving yourself is the best form of being’.
●       There is no right and there is no wrong.
●       Everything is a mere perception.

Looking back I have  lost count on how Karishma inspired me and my life because honestly, she continues to inspire me every day in different ways and being  a young, confident, sexy and independent woman!

External family is one who thinks beyond, bonds beyond and fosters to live and grow beyond - This for me is Psychic Temples.