Bengaluru: BJP MP Tejasvi Surya from Bangalore South exposed the BBMP bribe for bed scam on May 4.  

And as he exposed, he has been working overtime to bring more transparency with a view to help out people in need. 

In this regard, he met Nandan Nilekani, the Infosys co- founder and sought his help in creating a new software. 

“Had a conversation with Nandan Nilekani this morning and sought his help to revamp BBMP bed allocation software. Lots of gratitude to him for putting very best tech architects on the job immediately. Yet again, Nandan Nilekani has proved he is always available for Bengaluru!” Tejasvi Surya said in a tweet.

“This team of tech architects, also assisted by technology think tank iSpirit Product Nation, will redesign the bed booking software to make it efficient, transparent and minimise manual intervention. I thank the tech volunteers for helping this cause. People of Bengaluru will be grateful to you!” he added.

The MP exposed a racket in which beds, though were available, were deliberately shown as ‘booked’ by a few unscrupulous elements. He went on to allege further that these fraudulent officers would contact genuine bed-seekers and demand a hefty sum as bribe. And these seekers had no option but to yield to the demand. 

He also stated further that several beds had been booked in the name of one patient who was not a seeker of bed. By creating this artificial scarcity, these officials were plundering money at will at the cost of thousands of people who were running helter-skelter in search of beds. 

As part of the investigation, Surya’s team studied data involving around 10,000 people. during their scrutiny, they came to understand of a pattern that pointed towards a malpractice. 

In this regard, the Bengaluru police have arrested two people. Further investigation is on.