Bengaluru: Coronavirus has literally destroyed and demolished the entire globe with its disdainful tentacles. 

As the number of deaths continues to rise worrisomely, a country like Brazil, which can’t digest the humongous rise in the deaths of its citizens, has come with a plan to accommodate more COVID-19 death corpses. 

As per a popular website, Brazil, which currently ranks second in the number of deaths worldwide, has issued directives to disinter bodies of those who died 3 years ago to make way for fresh deaths. 

To be specific, the instructions have been given to Sao Paulo funeral service authorities. 

The website added that the remains of people who died at least three years ago will be exhumed and put in numbered bags, then stored temporarily in 12 storage containers it has purchased. These containers would then be delivered to several cemeteries within 15 days, the statement confirmed.

But why Sao Paulo? 

The reason is simple. Sao Paulo has emerged as the hotspot with 5480 deaths being recorded on a single day. Moreover, authorities fear that this number could skyrocket in the coming days. That is because after curbs on movements were invalidated, people rushed to the streets, compromising on social distancing aspects. 

With this attitude of the people, it is feared that deaths might rise yet again. 

The current toll in Brazil stands at an alarming 42000! Medical experts further fear the country still hasn’t faced the worst yet as they predict the numbers to be in their worst by August. 

That is the reason the authorities have taken this harsh decision of disinterring bodies to allow more bodies to be buried. 

Meanwhile, situation in New Delhi too is more or less the same with several Muslim graveyards running out of spaces for burial.