New Delhi: Popular online shopping portal Amazon is once again facing the wrath of netizens. #BoycottAmazon is trending on social media websites as the company is allegedly selling slippers, doormats and toilet seat covers having the pictures of Hindu God and Goddesses. 

Some internet users have shared the screenshots of shoes and mat carrying image of Indian flags and other sensitive icons on social media.

This is not the first time that Amazon is being criticized for its anti-Hindu stance. Earlier, Amazon had removed such objectionable items from its website, but now they have cropped up again on the platform.

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Netizens are especially upset with the retail giant for allowing the sale of items that place sacred symbols — including images of the deities Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna and Ganesha — on doormats or things used to wipe dirty feet.

Tweeters were calling the products an insult to Hinduism and an abuse of the deities.

Several Indians took to Twitter to express their anger. "Nothing is greater than our religion and beliefs" posted one of the users with the screenshot of uninstalling Amazon app. Many users also gave one rating to the app and wrote negative reviews.

Some pointed out the discrepancy between allowing products that insult Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the absence of such items featuring Allah, Jesus or other religions' deities.


MyNation contacted Amazon but they are yet to reply. The copy will be updated as soon as they respond to the query. 

Amazon is past has also crossed the line when it came to hurting religious sentiments through their products. Netizens have pointed out some of their products were drastically offensive to certain cultures and individuals across the world. Amazon found themselves in a similar situation a few years ago when Rajan Zed, a well-known Hindu cleric, found leggings with patterns of Hindu deities being sold on Amazon.