Bengaluru: Nothing is impossible for the Border Road Organisation. 

It has launched a bridge that connects Shillong with Silchar. 

The launching of the bridge took place on March 11 and got completed on March 15, within five days, which was envisaged to be launched in 15 days.

"The construction of bridge on existing depilated piers was a unique experience for BRO. The Completion of bridge in five days speaks volume of the BROs ethos and professionalism towards service of the Nation. Prompt action by BRO has brought much need succour to the local population and has been deeply appreciated by the Civil Administration," an Army officer said. 

India Today adds that an existing RCC bridge with Load Class 70 at Barapani at Km 12.865 on NH 40 on Shillong-Silchar Highway was declared unfit for heavy vehicle traffic due to development of vertical cracks on the main beams and piers of the bridge. This was leading diversion of traffic through Shillong city over the Umiam cum spillway and heavy congestion in the city resulting lot of discomfort to the people. On December 3 last year, NHAI approached BRO for constructing a bridge at Barapani. Construction of new bridge would have taken at least three years. On humanitarian ground, DG Border Roads gave his consent for construction of alternate bridge on fast track basis.

The website adds that there was a Hamilton steel bridge in dilapidated state next to RCC bridge which was in disuse subsequent to construction of higher Load Class RCC bridge (which has now developed faults). Hamilton bridge was found unusable and needed removal for launching a new bridge of heavier class. Restoration of piers and abutments was considered necessary to take a load of class 40 and above. Lt Gen Rajeev Chaudhry, Director General Border Roads alongwith representative of NHAI and PWD, Meghalaya visited the bridge site on January 31 this year to make an assessment of the task and gave necessary directions to expedite the work.