Bengaluru: Narendra Modi has been the Prime Minister of India for six long years now. He was re-elected to the office last year, with a mandate much bigger than what he had won in 2014. 
He belongs to Bharatiya Janata Party which is the biggest political party in the world. 

The party is often accused to be pro-majority. And while there are detractors who leave no stone unturned to put both Modi and his party in bad light, a university in Indonesia, a Muslim country has decided to include a book on the saffron party. 

As reports stated, The Islamic University of Indonesia has decided to include a book on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into its course. 

But what prompts an Islamic University to sing paeans about a perceived pro-Hindu party? 

Well, it has got to do with the party’s phenomenal performances in the last two Lok Sabha polls that has piqued the interest of the academicians. 

The book titled "Bharatiya Janata Party - Past, Present & Future, Story of World’s Largest Political Party" will become a part of the curriculum for undergraduate students of the South Asian studies in the Department of International Relations, the report adds. 

The report also quotes Hadza Min Fadhli, a faculty as saying, "We in Indonesia intend to further strengthen our relations with India. Therefore, it is important to understand its ruling party. We expect the BJP would also do the same."  

The book has been authored by Shantanu Gupta. He has written a book on the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. 

The party has gained an impressive traction on a national basis. Some of its notable presidents are the incumbent Union home minister Amit Shah and defence minister Rajnath Singh.