Bengaluru: The lynching of sadhus in Palghar, Maharashtra, is a commentary on how innocent lives can be put at risk by mobsters.

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray was shamed into taking action after the visuals went viral. 

Now, a fact-finding committee having retired judges, lawyers and police officers has blamed the left-wing and Christian missionaries for the entire incident, as reported by a popular website.

The committee was formed by Vivek Vichar Manch. 

It notes: “The brutal and inhuman mob lynching of Sanyasis is the outcome of a violent approach which has been influencing the tribal community.”

It further notes: “If it were spontaneous, then how did 400-odd people assemble at the spot, what was the logistical support? The police also practically handed over the sadhus to the mob instead of stopping them.”

It also notes how groups are spreading hatred and ill-will against the union government. 

The recommendations: 

  • The committee has also given a few recommendations: 
  • The investigation should be handled by NIA.
  • Don’t implicate the innocent tribals for political pressure
  • Investigate the real eyewitnesses 
  • There are groups that thrive on communal and anti-democratic agenda. So it would be better if CBI or NIA investigates it


A note on Palghar lynching: 

It was on April 16 that two sadhus and their driver were lynched by a mob while they were on their way to Gujarat. 

The incident took place at Gadchinchale village in Palghar district, Maharashtra. 

The two sadhus of Juna Akhara are identified as Chikne Maharaj Kalpavrukshagiri (70) and Sushilgiri Maharaj (35). 

The police, who were present at the scene, handed over the sadhus to the hostile mob. 

By not providing enough security to the sadhus, Uddhav Thackeray had displayed his careless attitude towards the helpless and innocent beings.

Of course, the religion doesn’t matter her, for it is lives under question. But a party like Shiva Sena which brags and boasts about its Hindutva leanings, has failed terribly and miserably in securing the lives of sadhus.