Bengaluru: Isn’t it time that the Congress buries all its ideological differences and throws its weight behind the Union government while we all tackle the coronavirus pandemic? 

The Congress has alleged that there are several laxities in the fight against pandemic, but the BJP hit out at the Congress. 

BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao said, “The whole world is appreciative of our handling of Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown strategy in controlling the spread of the pandemic in India. Sonia Gandhi is perhaps regretting why India didn't turn out to be like her native Italy.”

The spokesperson also cited a study by Indian Statistical Institute that said India averted about 2 million cases and up to 78,000 deaths by imposing the lockdown at the right time and implemented it effectively.

In this regard, he said, “It is Sonia Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka Vadra who have played cruel jokes and played cynical politics on migrant workers. They did nothing for migrant workers except the mother-daughter duo making grand announcements.” 

In simple words, he criticised the Gandhi family for not contributing anything to the fight against coronavirus pandemic. 

“Sonia and her family did nothing to contribute to nation’s united fight against the pandemic,” he said.

Congress has literally cut a sorry figure. Priyanka Gandhi, who offered a thousand buses in Uttar Pradesh for ferrying migrants back to their home states was terribly exposed as several of the registration numbers she gave were those of two-wheelers and auto rickshaws. There were also criticisms that Priyanka Gandhi could have offered more such buses to Congress-ruled states rather displaying ostentation in a BJP-ruled state. 

In fact, Aditi Singh, a Congress MLA from Rae Bareli dared to question Priyanka Gandhi over her follies, but as expected, she has been suspended from the party as she questioned  the Gandhi family.