Madurai: BJP is getting stronger in South India, party membership has got tremendous response in Tamil Nadu, said Muralidhar Rao, national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He was speaking before conducting the Tamil Nadu BJP's state meeting to review the party's membership campaign. Several important leaders are expected to take part in the meeting and will take stock of the situation in the state.

"We will plan future membership drives. The response for the BJP membership drive in Tamil Nadu has been tremendous, particularly the support from the youth. Now in South India, BJP is gradually growing. Recently in Karnataka, we have proved majority, and formed government that has given a boost to the party in the region."

“Another important development is the abrogation of Article 370. This has removed the barriers between Jammu and Kashmir and India. It is not to grab, trample or exploit Kashmir but the step has been taken in the interest of Kashmiris”, he said.

Reacting to the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, the DMK and other parties opposing the abolition of Article 370, he said, "These people want reservations for Scheduled Castes in the state (Tamil Nadu). But for 70 years the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes do not have reservation in Kashmir. Why do these people support Article 370, when that has deprived the Scheduled Castes in Jammu and Kashmir of various benefits?" he questioned.

“Women do not have rights to own property in Jammu and Kashmir. Whereas women in Tamil Nadu have right to property whether you marry inside Tamil Nadu or not. Why is DMK supporting this difference for Kashmir by opposing the abolition of Article 370?” he asked.

“BJP will make sure to make each house in Tamil Nadu hears of DMK's double standards. BJP is the only party that can fight terrorism, and can protect Dalits, OBCs, tribals and women”, he stated.