Nagpur: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Friday (November 15) said that the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government would be formed in Maharashtra. He also said that their government would complete five-year term as he ruled out the possibility of mid-term polls in Maharashtra which is currently under the President's rule.

He said the three parties want to form a stable government which will be development-oriented.

Speaking to reporters, Pawar said, "There is no possibility of mid-term polls. This government will be formed, and it will complete five years. We all will ensure this government runs for five years."

Asked whether the BJP was holding discussions with the NCP over government formation in the state, the former Union minister said his party was holding talks with only the Sena, the Congress and its allies and nobody beyond these.

He said the three parties are at present working out a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) that will guide the actions of the government being planned in the state.

Speaking to MyNation, BJP chief spokesperson, Krishna Saagar Rao expressed his displeasure over the Maharashtra government formation and termed it as " “betrayal".

"It is a complete betrayal of the mandate given by the people of Maharashtra. Whatever is happening right now amounts to betrayal of actual mandate. The mandate was in favour of the BJP-led coalition government in which Shiv Sena is a minor partner," Rao said.

"However, for opportunistic reasons of a powerful position of chief minister alone and nothing else, Shiv Sena is now  bargaining with people who share nothing other than the thirst for power. There is no people's agenda but there is only common power agenda," he added.

The Congress (44) and NCP (54) are well short of the 145-mark to form the government in the state. However, the tussle over the chief minister’s seat between the Sena and the BJP has led to political instability in Maharashtra.