Bihar: Vandalism. Hooliganism. Rowdyism. Thuggery. 

These words aptly sum up how a Muslim mob went on the rampage in Bihar in the name of registering their protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act introduced by the Modi government. 

As they went berserk, they destroyed a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. 

Jai Prakash, an eyewitness, spoke exclusively to MyNation and narrated how the entire sequence unfolded. 

He said, “A protest against CAA and NRC was being held by a few RJD members. Another campaign was being held, as a counter to this protest. We all shouted chants in reverence of Jai Shri Ram and Amit Shah. However, immediately stones began to be pelted from the other side. Members from the other side rushed into the temple and desecrated the idol. Others ran away out of fear. The police personnel who rushed to the spot opened fire. As many as 8 Hindus got injured. But only the plight of the Muslims was highlighted. Our injuries were downplayed.” 


Shockingly, the vandalism-related incidents were not limited to Bihar alone. Using the protests against CAA as a ruse, many mobs have targeted buses and innocents to express their anger. 

Not just that, the protests are also being used as a tool to inflict humiliation and harassment against Hindus. In one such incident, the holy symbol ‘Om’ was manipulated to resemble the Swastik symbol of the Nazis and statements were written against Hindus. 

In another incident, chants and slogans seeking freedom from Hindus were sung on college premises. 

The CAA was legislated with a view to providing shelter and citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

This piece of legislation pertains to only 32000 minorities and comes as a one-time offering with a cut-off date of December 31, 2014. 

However, such a move to integrate Hindus with their homeland has not been taken well by the other sections of the society.