Bengaluru: As India suffers the consequences of the second wave of coronavirus, the nation is trying its best to vaccinate its people. 

While the vaccine-producing companies are working overtime to produce the vaccine, Bharat Biotech, the producer of Covaxin has ramped up its production capacity to 700 million doses per annum. 

Swarajya added that the company said the expansion of the manufacturing capacity has been carried out across multiple facilities at Hyderabad, where it has facilities at Genome Valley, as well as Bangalore where its related entity Biovet Pvt Ltd has facilities at Malur.

“The company is able to expand COVAXIN manufacturing capacity in a short timeline, mainly due to the availability of new specially designed BSL- 3 facilities, first of its kind for manufacturing in India that have been repurposed and preexisting expertise and know how to manufacture, test and release highly purified inactivated viral vaccines,” the company was quoted by the website.

"This is the first instance where a novel adjuvant has been commercialised in India, eliminating dependency on imports. Also, the technology transfer process is well underway and IIL has the capabilities and expertise to manufacture inactivated viral vaccines at commercial scale and under biosafety containment,” the company added.