Bengaluru: The Bengaluru violence last month in which a mob ran riot, resorting to arson as a delay in lodging FIR over an incendiary post against an Islamic reverential figure is an exhibition of riots can be engineered meticulously. 

The Bengaluru police carried out raids on Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) whose members are accused of orchestrating the riots. 

“The searches were conducted at the DJ Halli, KG Halli and Cubbonpet offices of the party after duly obtaining court warrants,” said Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner of Police.

But politics continues unabated over the issue. 

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah who visited the area, with an obvious intention to appease Muslims, blamed the police for the incident. 

He said, “I condemn the act of violence and all those who were involved in the violence should be punished. This could have been averted if police had taken swift action against Naveen.” 

The former CM also blamed the accused Naveen for the riots. 

A website also added that the police found a book on the anti-terror law UAPA, banners and pamphlets against the CAA and the NRC at the spot.

It was on August 11 that around a thousand youth took law into their own hands. 

Reports then added that Naveen was only responding to another incendiary post on a Hindu god. 

However, it is common sense that a mob cannot resort to such unlawful activities based on a delay of filing an FIR. The police wanted the complainants to file a written complaint. 

If they had any grouse, they could have escalated the matter by approaching the higherups. 
But Congress politicians playing politics over the issue is detrimental the efforts being put by the police in unearthing the entire plot. 

Calling spade a spade would go a long way in stemming the riots.