Bengaluru: A woman lecturer at a private college alleged that she was harassed by two constables attached to the Bengaluru Police. The incident allegedly took place near the Rajareshwarinagar hospital in Bengaluru. The woman was sitting near a lassi shop when the two constables arrived. When they saw her, they began talking in Kannada with the woman. Allegedly, the woman asked the constables to speak in Hindi or English. But the two constables allegedly began shouting at her because she was wearing shorts.

The constables even termed her shameless as she was seen in shorts, that too, in a public place. The woman alleged that the two constables were rude with her and had no hesitation in saying that she had to leave the place, as she had not dressed properly in public. Indignant at the alleged rude behaviour by the two constables, the woman took to social media and expressed her displeasure.
The lady even tagged the Bengaluru Police and questioned as to how safe the city is, if the police had such a mentality. After the Bengaluru Police learnt of the issue, they responded to her post, asking her to contact the Kengeri police and register a complaint. But as per the lady, the Kengeri police refused to register a complaint, saying the area doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction.
When MyNation spoke to the Bengaluru police commissioner T Suneel Kumar, he said, “I will speak to the concerned DCP about  the issue and instruct them to take relevant action.”

Meanwhile, as she posted her grouse on social media, reactions poured in. While some wondered as to how she can term the constables ‘rude’ when she herself doesn’t know Kannada and go on to say shorts is something that anyone can wear in public, some others stood by her, saying what a woman wears is her will and wish, and that no one else has the right to comment over her attire. Some others also took a jibe at her for not knowing Kannada.