Kolkata: Even three days after the Lok Sabha results, Bengal’s ruling party Trinamool is having a hard time accepting the landslide victory of the BJP in the state. 

On Saturday, Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said, “It has hurt my conscience. This shows that people didn’t vote. The chair is not important for me. I don’t care for the CM’s chair. I wanted to resign as chief minister before and wanted to work as a party president, but my colleagues prevented me from doing so. I can continue (only on one condition): if all of us raise our voices jointly.”

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Meanwhile, a girl took to social media to throw light on the real situation in Bengal — probably the reason for the Lok Sabha election results. 

Ananya Jana took to Facebook to share the ordeal she allegedly faced while voting in her home town Haldia — a municipality in Purba Medinipur district in Bengal. 

On May 12, she wrote, “So at 11 A.M today I went to the voting booth, with my family, which a primary school near my home in Haldia. The moment we entered and got our voting ink there was this guy who was standing right next to the EVM Machine, he asked my sister to vote for the first candidate, TMC. We being a little polite asked that guy to move because voting was our right, and a personal thing. Now that guy legit tried to push my sister. At this point we started shouting, we threatened him of harassing us physically. My elder sister threatened that guy by saying, "I am a woman, you are a man. Remember what is going to happen to you if you touch me forcefully". And sister could cast her vote of her choice. Now this guy and some other guys called some women inside. When I started talking to the women, this lady pushed me and said " I CAN TOUCH YOU AND YOU CAN DO NOTHING" . This continued for a while and finally the guy was successful in voting in our place.”

She also talked about the attitude of the presiding officers and the police men. “The Presiding Officers sat their in utter silence and so did the policemen who were standing outside. There were almost 30 people inside the booth who legit abused us and pushed us outside because we asked for our basic right to vote. This women even told us " Where is it written that Voting is your right" and she ****** claimed to be a Lawyer. These men who were of my father's age harassed us verbally saying they would break into our homes and, finish all of us. Women who were of my mother's age pushed us out. Two guys even started following us,” she added.

 She then went on to criticise Banerjee for the lawlessness in the state. “Now my point is if this is the condition of West Bengal, then I am sorry to say that we are far away from democracy. If in a polling booth women are pushed by other women and harassed by males then I feel ashamed to be living in such a state. This is an open letter to our very prestigious Ms. CM, if this is how you win an election, then I am sorry but you have lost as a leader,” she wrote. 

The post was shared more than 30,500 times and garnered 26,000 reactions at the time of writing the article. 

While one Facebook user wrote, “ Election Commission of India pl see the post...tell to public what is this??” another person said, “This is just shameful. I am just ashamed of my state.”

Recently, a  22-year-old BJP worker was shot dead allegedly by the ruling Trinamool cadre in the state. The incident has occurred in Chakdah area of Bengal.