Chennai: A 45-year-old auto rickshaw driver in the state capital of Tamil Nadu was murdered on Sunday for reporting a case of child marriage in his locality of Ayanavaram.

The 45-year-old victim was identified as Jabaseelan. He was hacked to death by a group of rowdies a few metres away from his house in Thikkakulam area on Sunday evening.

On April 17, in his locality in Ayanavaram, Jabaseelan saw posters put up announcing a 16-year-old girl’s wedding. He alerted the local police that the marriage was to take place between a minor girl and a 21-year-old man. The police arrived at the location and managed to stop the ceremony. They warned the family that the marriage should take place only after the girl completes 18 years of age, as mandated by the law.

The 21-year-old groom was identified as Vinod. He was angered that his wedding was called off.

After the incident took place, the accused Vinod decided to take revenge against Jabaseelan. According to the police Vinod had planned to murder Jabaseelan along with six of his friends. Vinod had reportedly planned to murder Jabaseelan on the day of his daughter’s wedding, but later decided to murder him on the day of the reception.

The victim, Jabaseelan and his wife were on their way to their 24-year-old daughter’s wedding reception when several members of a gang surrounded them. They attacked them with knives and machetes. The accused fled the scene after hacking Jabaseelan to death. They physically assaulted his wife, Prescilla when she tried to intervene. She is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

The police have arrested one member of the gang, Magesh. They are still on the lookout for Vinod.