Bengaluru: It’s a moment when your own citizens are forced to turn against you, out of anger and even indignation! 

Coronavirus has created a lot of damage in China, killing more than 200 people in China. 

As the dreaded virus keeps spreading its tentacles, PM Modi led Indian government sent two flights to bring back its citizens to India so that they don’t suffer.

While this behaviour of the Indian government is worth praising, that of its cantankerous neighbour Pakistan is reprehensible. 

A few days ago, Dr Zafar Mirza, special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health, said that Pakistan has decided not to evacuate its nationals from China in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

He reportedly added, "We believe that right now, it is in the interest of our loved ones in China (to stay there). It is in the largest interest of the region, world, country that we don't evacuate them now."  

Quite naturally, its citizens in the strife-hit area of China are vexed. 

In several videos that have appeared, its students can be seen lamenting the Pakistan’s disastrous move. 



India’s move to send flights to protect its citizens shows its courage and resolve to go the extra mile, just to ensure its citizens are not troubled. 

According to Chinese state media, at least 259 people have died and 11,791 people have been infected in China by the new coronavirus, according to new figures from China's health officials, with thousands more suspected of having the virus. 

Several countries are planning to impose more restrictions on their citizens travelling to China. 

Most of the latest fatalities are from Hubei province, the capital of which - Wuhan - is the epicentre of the outbreak, but cases of infection have been reported in with more than 20 countries around the world.