Bengaluru: In its continued quest to supply covid vaccines to other countries, India will send more vaccines to Nepal. 

However, this time, Nepal will be buying these vaccines at subsidised rates. 

The procurement of these two million doses of Covid-19 vaccine will be from the Serum Institute of India. 

It might be recalled that India had sent one million doses of the vaccine as a grant to Nepal in January. Using these, Nepal is immunising its citizens. 

It might be noted further that China too had expressed its desire to send vaccines to Nepal. However, reports add that Nepal is yet to accept the vaccines. 

However, there were some bottlenecks that have been sorted out.
"After the Serum Institute of India did not agree to send shipments of Covid vaccine without full payment in advance, the procurement process was not moving ahead. We removed the bottlenecks to procure the vaccine," said Nepali minister Tripathi, adding that now it is sure that Nepal will get the vaccines at a discounted rate.

India, the pharmacy of the world: 

India, which has earned the praise of being the pharmacy of the world, has sent millions of doses of vaccine to several countries. 

From Nepal to Sri Lanka to Brazil, the vaccines have been distributed. 

It should also be noted that Pakistan too has been a recipient of India’s grant. 

At the same time, India has also managed to inoculate 7 million the fastest time in the world. 

Moreover, Serum Institute of India has also announced that it would release another vaccine in the month of June. 

Atmanirbhar Bharat: 

Announced last year, Atmanirbhar Bharat is a project in which the Prime Minister envisages a country that is self-reliant and caters to local talent, giving them a chance to grow and spread their wings far and wide.