Bengaluru: Sanjay Raut, who is in the eye of a storm, for his incendiary and mediocre comments against actress Kangana Ranaut has rushed to defend himself, trying to give a new definition to the word ‘haramkhor’. 

Adding more embarrassment to himself, Raut went on to say that the word under question means “naughty” and “dishonest”. A website reported him as saying in an interview to a private TV channel. 

He said, “If you want to play politics or whip up frenzy, then any word in any language can be misinterpreted as per one’s needs. In our Maharashtra, when we call someone a haramkhor, we mean that the person is naughty and dishonest.”

While he is at the receiving end for his unacceptable utterances, he also tried to deflect by saying, “But one should not forget the fact that those making these allegations have themselves insulted Mumbai and our Mumbai Devi.” 

Kangana Ranaut is being targeted by the Shiva Sena as he has openly spoken about what she thinks matters the most. When calls for shaming her publicly earned traction, she said that Mumbai had become Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, with respect to the attitude being displayed. Later, as Sanjay Raut asked her not to visit Mumbai, she said Mumbai had become Taliban in just one day. 

She even dared Raut to stop her if he can and further announced that she would be visiting Mumbai on September 9. 
But then again, more threats were hurled at her, with Anil Deshmukh declaring that charges would be pressed against her for defaming Mumbai. 

The Centre also stepped in, providing her Y-category security with 11 commandoes guarding her. 

On Tuesday, the BMC too raided her office in Mumbai, which comes as a clear act of vindictiveness. 

Irrespective of her ideological inclination, the government of the day should provide her protection.