Bengaluru: Early this morning (October 8), Prime Minister Narendra Modi put out a tweet, urging the people to take precautionary measures like maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently, wearing a mask among others to curb the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. 


The exhortation by the Prime Minister has worked well, with several celebrities heeding his call. 


There were several others like actress kriti Kharbhanda who have devised 3 mantras to remain safe. 

Actress Kriti Sanon too was not left far behind. 


Playback singer Benny Dayal too joined in. 


The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt. Several have died, while several others are infected. While the world ferrets for a vaccine, the best available options to mitigate the spread of the virus are to wash hands frequently, cover the nose and mouth with a mask, and most importantly, follow social distancing. 


By following these simple things, one can go a long way in keeping the society safe. 

The virus spreads from person to person who are in close proximity with each other. It is every important to note and understand that droplets from an infected person may get themselves housed in the mouths and noses of those who come in close contact, when the infected person coughs or sneezes, eventually, gaining an entry into the lungs of the person. 

It is further interesting to note that the virus can also spread from contact with infected surfaces or objects. 

If a person comes in contact with a surface that has the virus on it, and when he touches his own nose or mouth, there is a high probability that the virus enters the body of that person. 

This is precisely why precautions have to be taken and keep the society safe. 

After all, isn’t prevention better than cure?