Bengaluru: Free speech. Freedom of expression. Dissent. Differing viewpoints. All these words are being used by the opposition parties to drive home the point that they are in danger. 

The opposition parties also allege that students who want to protest against the “discriminatory” Citizenship Amendment Act are being targeted by the Modi-led central government. 

But here is one story we present to you. This is the story of a student named Harshant Singh, a PhD student of Physics at the University of Delhi whose viewpoints are perfectly in consonance with the enactment of the CAA, but is being allegedly hounded by the authorities because of his support for the CAA. 


In his own words, he is being gaslighted and forced to leave his position. But the story doesn’t end there. In another tweet, he alleges that “Indian Science is a closet anti-national propaganda.”


In an interview to Upword, he can be seen explaining the difficulties he is facing. 


The CAA intends to give citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. 
CAA is seen as a one-time offer for the persecuted minority to integrate with India both socially and emotionally. 

Though PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah have maintained that the law doesn’t snatch away the citizenship of anyone, rather grants it to the persecuted people, the Congress and its cohort have resorted to spreading lies that it affects Indian citizens. 

Several states ruled by non-NDA parties have decided not to implement the law. In fact, today (December 31) the Kerala government moved a resolution asking the centre to cancel the law. 

But the plight of the persecuted minorities brings tears to anyone, with rapes, extortion and disenfranchisement being common forms of subjugation against the minorities.