New Delhi: National capital's chief minister and national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday (September 29) made a controversial statement while he was addressing a gathering at the inauguration ceremony of a Trauma Centre at the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

Addressing the gathering in the event, Arvind Kejriwal allegedly said that "people from outside" are availing free benefits that were meant for the citizens of Delhi. 

The Delhi chief minister further said that a man from Bihar spends few hundreds of rupees to come down to Delhi and avail medical treatment worth Rs 5 lakh. Though the Delhi CM asserted that he is happy for people availing the state government's move, BJP did not take too kindly to his "outsiders" comment.

Speaking to MyNation, BJP chief spokesperson, Krishna Saagar Rao said, "Arvind Kejriwal is thoroughly exposed, and now the divisive face is visible to the people. His divisive claims about exploiting Delhi exposes him in foresight. He (Arvind Kejriwal) being the chief minister of Delhi, should understand that Delhi is a melting pot of migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and many other states."

"We are not Communist nations like China, where individuals cannot freely move from one state to another. He should get off the mindset of Balkanisation. He should welcome people as BJP welcomes people from each and every state," Rao added.

Netizens too took a jibe at Arvind Kejriwal and said that Delhi chief minister was allegedly trying to break the unity between the states in India.