New Delhi: Twitter is replete with netizens battling whether AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is capable of locking horns with PM Narendra Modi in 2024.

This question comes at a time when the national capital is gearing up for the Delhi election 2020 results.

The question about 2024 election with Kejriwal and Modi surfaced after AAP supporters were seen holding a poster that read: 2024 Kejriwal vs Modi.

Would there be a battle between AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and PM Narendra Modi in 2024?

One Twitter user said that AAP has its power restricted to one state, and added, "So stop for now and chill."

Another user said, "With 7 seats in loksabha. Internal survey of 2024 released. Before that TRUMP VS Kejriwal."

Let's turn back and see the past:

Since 2013, it is to be noted that Kejriwal has been a key opposition leader of the BJP as it prevented the nation's single largest party from forming the government in New Delhi.

In 2014 Lok Sabha election, Kejriwal took on the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

In 2015 Delhi Assembly election, Modi and Kejriwal launched no holds barred attacks on each other as the BJP and AAP engaged in an electoral fight. However, Kejriwal returned as Delhi CM with 67 of 70 seats.

In the capital, a total of 672 candidates are in the fray. Among them, 593 are male and 79 female candidates.

As much as 62.59% voter turnout was recorded in Delhi on February 8, when the elections were held in a single-phase.

Most of the exit polls predicted that Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP will retain power, winning two-thirds seats while some have even predicted three-fourth majority in the 70-member Assembly.