New Delhi: A day after being attacked during the road show, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the BJP had conspired the attack and Delhi police were working on their behest.

Kejriwal said that with the frequency of attacks and the corresponding security lapse it is clear that the BJP is sending a “message” that voices critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi won’t be “spared”.

The Delhi CM said it was the ninth attack on him and the fifth since he became the Chief Minister and no Chief Minister in the country in the last 70 years has faced such attacks.

“Security responsibility in Delhi falls under BJP. Every other state government has their state police. Is it strategic or was it a mistake? It (a security lapse) may happen one, two or three times. Beyond that, it looks like a conspiracy,” Kejriwal said.

On Saturday, while Kejriwal was holding a roadshow at Karampura to support AAP’s New Delhi candidate Brijesh Goyal, a man breached security and slapped the CM, who was waving to the crowd atop an open gipsy. The attacker was immediately pulled down by AAP supporters and handed over to the police.

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The Delhi Police spokesperson claimed the man, 29-year-old Suresh Chauhan Gadiyalohar, was an “AAP supporter, who used to organise the party’s rallies and meetings… but got disenchanted due to the leaders’ behaviour and the party’s distrust in the armed forces.”

The Aam Aadmi party also refuted Delhi Police claim that the attacker was an AAP worker and was upset with the party leaders’ remarks regarding the armed forces. AAP leaders also clarified that the attacker was never a part of the party neither has he organised an event, meeting or a program for AAP as claimed by Delhi Police.  

Kejriwal said the man who attacked him was sent to give a message that anybody standing against Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be spared.

“The attacker was sent to give a message to the country that anyone who will dare to speak against Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be spared. Every voice raised against you should be suppressed - this is the sign of dictatorship,” the AAP chief said.

AAP supremo also said that the Saturday attack was not on him but on the people of Delhi who have elected him to power. 

“We are being attacked as people of Delhi have elected aam aadmi to run the city. Our opposition can’t tolerate the work we have done in education, health, water and electricity sector,” he said.

Kejriwal added that he was not afraid of such attacks and will continue to raise his voice as he can’t pay the debt of people of Delhi even by giving his life.