Bengaluru: Arundhati Roy is considered an intellectual. An intellectual, by the virtue of their intellect, must help a society grow through their in-depth analysis of any subject that they think has an impact on the nation. 

But is Arundhati Roy one? All her statements, invariably seek to incite and seethe the people, that too against the government of the day. 

Of course, it’s fine to highlight the ills of the incumbent disposition. But to use these ills to instigate and inveigh the citizens for antinational activities is outright disgusting and dirty! 

Take for instance, the latest episode of her heresy. On Wednesday (December 25) she urged the people to “lie” when officers come to their houses to get details for the National Population Register (NPR) which her cohort and coterie think is a doorway to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and further isolates Muslims. 

She said, “When officials visit your home for NPR and ask you your name, give them names like Ranga-Billa, Kungfu-Katta. They will visit your homes, take your name, phone number and ask for documents like Aadhaar and driving licences. The NPR will become database of NRC. We need to fight against it and have a plan. When they visit your home for NPR, and ask for your name give them some different name...For address say 7 RCR. A lot of subversion will be needed, we are not born to face lathis and bullets."

Any endeavour taken up by the government, will be to improve the country as a whole. This exercise of details-gathering becomes all the more important and pertinent because without relevant statistics, the government can’t devise its schemes and policies. 

With such provocation, does Arundhati even realise she is doing a great disservice to the nation? If gullible people follow her diktat and don’t cooperate with the enumerators, it is neither Arundhati Roy nor people of her ilk, but the innocent people who will get to face the burden, as the government will not have genuine details at its disposal. 

However, such insinuations, rather shenanigans are not new to the Left-leaning Arundhati Roy. Almost a decade ago, she had openly declared that Kashmir wasn’t a part of India and the government had accepted the fact. Though she made such a statement, the central government (Congress in the year 2010) refused to file a case of sedition against her.

In relation to the 2008 Mumbai attacks, she had sought to view it not in isolation, but the prevailing circumstances in the region, including poverty, the Partition of India and even the Godhra riots of 2002.  

These are just a few examples of the lady’s wilful detour from sanity. 

But as she continues with her loose-tongued talks, she still continues to express her opinions and openly foment trouble in the society. Yet she remains legally unfettered!