Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress leader and MLC CM Ibrahim has written a letter to CM BS Yediyurappa, urging him to lift restrictions on gatherings at mosques for namaz on the occasion of Eid. 

The festival, scheduled to be observed on May 24 or 25, usually witnesses congregational prayers at Idgah Maidan or Masjid since early morning.

The Congress leader has urged the CM to allow assemblies till 1 in the afternoon on the day of Eid. 

“Due to the pandemic Covid-19, the Muslims all over the state are not able to offer Namaz in the Masjids and they are offering prayers in their homes as per the government orders. The Eid-ul-Fitr festival in the state may be celebrated on the 24th or 25th May, during which Muslims have to offer special prayers,” he said in the letter. 

“I would suggest that the government may take a decision by having due consultation with the medical experts to grant permission for Muslims on the day of Eid to offer prayers in Idgah Maidans or Masjids from morning till 1 pm with all precautionary measures and safety norms.” 

“I request you kindly to look into the matter after consulting medical experts, take a suitable decision enabling Muslims all over the state to offer prayers in their respective localities,” he said. 

Obviously, such a letter to the CM asking him to allow congregations at a time when the pandemic is spreading unhinderedly has raised the shackles of many. 

Many are seeing it as a ploy to appease the Muslim community and nothing else. 

It might be recalled that Daul Uloom Farangi Mahal issued a fatwa saying prayers should be offered from homes if lockdown does get extended beyond May 17. It further urged Muslims to avoid hugs and handshakes except with family members. 

Now that the lockdown will be extended beyond May 17, congregations must be avoided.