Bengaluru: As the festival of Diwali draws close, the demand for diyas has skyrocketed. Well, for those who think such a rise in demand is nothing new, here is the news. 

This, time, the demand is not for China-made lamps, but it is for Indian-made diyas. 

The anger against China is so evident with this development. 

A news agency quoted a shopkeeper saying thus: “Chinese items are being ignored by customers. We will definitely be benefitted by it as we are keeping handmade made in India products in our shop.” 

It’s not just diyas, a few days ago, most citizens, who displayed an anti-China stance, chose not to buy Chinese Rakhis.
It all began after the Galwan clashes. 

A note on Galwan clashes: 

It all began when Indian soldiers dismantled a Chinese tent at Patrol Point 14, which is close to the mouth of the Galwan river. The tent had been dismantled following a meeting between Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, who commands the Leh-based XIV Corps, and Major-General Lin Liu, the head of the Xinjiang military district

But just within two days, it should be noted that the PLA set up a fresh tent at Patrol Point 14. This was in clear violation of the agreement.

Another intelligence report by the US had claimed that a senior Chinese commander ordered the attack against Indian soldiers.

As quoted by a popular website, “Gen. Zhao Zongqi, head of the Western Theater Command and among the few combat veterans still serving in the People’s Liberation Army, approved the operation”.

The report, as further quoted by the website, had categorically stated that the attack against India was ordered to project an image of strength by China and to not appear ‘weak’ in either in front of the USA and its allies, including India. Interestingly, the intelligence report has revealed that Zhao had overseen other attacks against Indian soldiers as well and had orchestrated the Galwan valley attack to ‘teach India a lesson’.

The US intelligence reports add that the families of the soldiers being pressured not to give a decent burial. The move by China is being seen as a sign to refuse any casualties in the first place so that the might of China is not questioned.

The US is of the opinion that if China accepts it, it will be an acceptance of blunder.