New Delhi: While the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal were singed with the Rs 6 crore-for-ticket bomb on Saturday, the party found itself in another soup as other outfits are mulling moving the EC to complain against phone calls being made to voters claiming they are part of a survey which declares AAP as clear winner in Delhi.

MyNation has a recording of the calls which allegedly are being made on behalf of the AAP.

Just as one picks the call, a female voice says that the listener is part of a survey in Delhi. The result of the survey is that the AAP is way ahead of the competition, having garnered the support of 47% of those reached, while the BJP was the choice of 38% people and the Congress was a distant third with 11% support of those called.

The call ends with ‘thank you for participating in the survey and for your time’.

In yet another incident Delhiites recieved calls from a number that appeared as that of the AAP on calling apps, asking who they were going to vote for. It also gave three options – 1 for AAP, 2 for Congress and 3 for BJP.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, son of AAP leader and Lok Sabha candidate from West Delhi Balbir Singh Jakhar levelled damaging allegations against his father and Kejriwal on Saturday, just a day ahead of Delhi polls.

Uday Jakhar alleged that his father had paid Kejriwal Rs 6 crore to “buy” the Lok Sabha ticket from the AAP.

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Jakhar Junior said, “I had to make my conscious clear.  I have made two accusations against my father. My father told me months ago that he paid Rs six crore to Kejriwal. The other factor which angered me is that he [Balbir Jakhar] got money from Sajjan Kumar to bail him out. A person who has aligned himself with someone like Sajjan Kumar should have no place in the Parliament. I may have some serious risk to my life for making the charge.”

MyNation tried to reach his father and AAP candidate Balbir Jakhar, but his assistant said he was busy meeting people and would call back with his version on the allegations. The story will be updated as and when he responds.

“Arvind Kejriwal represents the falling standards of Indian politics. While the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang is getting powerful by the day, they are portraying that they are weak and they are the victims. I cannot witness all this as a bystander, and so I chose to come out in the open,” he added.