Bengaluru: Andhra Pradesh has taken up a unique initiative in which it will distribute ration to the beneficiaries at their doorstep, reports India Times.   

It added that chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy flagged off a fleet of 2,500 'Mobile Dispensing Units' (MDUs) as part of the public distribution system.

"Starting February 1, quality rice and ration provisions will be delivered by 9,260 vehicles at the doorsteps. The government will be spending Rs 830 crore more on this scheme," an official said, as quoted by the website. 

The Civil Supplies department has incorporated changes in procuring rice to reduce husk and chipped rice.

It will also supply sortex rice to beneficiaries without stones or damaged grains.

"Using the volunteer system, quality rice will be distributed at the doorstep of the cardholders by taking their fingerprints and supplying ration in reusable bags with precise weight. Every rice bag is sealed and tagged with a unique code which leaves zero scope for adulteration," an official was further quoted as saying. 

Besides, the delivery vehicles are also fitted with GPS devices, requiring each of the vehicles to deliver goods within 18 days of each month.

The state government has bought the 9,260 vehicles at a cost of Rs 539 crore to supply ration and quality rice at the doorstep of the beneficiaries.

These will be supplied to the eligible ration cardholders at a subsidy of 60 per cent through various corporations under the employment guarantee scheme for unemployed youth.