Bengaluru: When Anand Mishra decided to give up a high-paying job and start farming, people mocked him, including his mother. 

They were of the opinion that his move was foolish, to say the least. 

But Mishra was persevering and tenacious. 


After finishing his BBA in 2002, he joined a company that dealt with plastic. As outsourcing head, he was posted to Patna, Punjab and many other places. Life was going on smooth for him but he was not satisfied. 

He wanted to do something else and achieve big in life. That is when he decided to take up farming. 

He began initially with wheat and paddy, but did not taste success. As he had left his job, he had to dig into his savings to make ends meet. 

Without tasting success, he was to shift to a new crop. He met many other farmers and even traders from mandis. 

That is when he realised lemons had a great demand. Wasting no further time, he decided to grow them. 

Now, as he grows lemons, he gets a good yield. There is a lot of demand for his produce. 

He says, “When I started, people used to make fun of me. In the beginning people of the agriculture department used to take my words very lightly, but now the agricultural scientists of the same department come to my fields and give me tips,” as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar. 

It is heartening to note that many approach him now to understand the tricks of the trade. Mishra also spends a lot of time talking to them and helping them improve their farming techniques. 

The demand for lemons is so high that many have taken to lemon farming and are seeing success. 

Mishra too, on his part, does his best to spread knowledge on the same.