Lucknow: Film star Amitabh Bachchan, who hails from Uttar Pradesh has come forward to help migrants of UP amidst the coronavirus outbreak. More than 1500 stranded labourers of Uttar Pradesh will get a first-time opportunity to enjoy air travel with the blessing of Big B. The migrants will arrive from Lucknow through six charter plans and Big B and his team will bear all travel expenses.

According to a media report, Amitabh Bachchan and his team will bear the entire expense of travel of the six charter planes, which was booked for the migrants who are stranded in Mumbai. Last week, these migrants registered themselves for travel by train with the help of Amitabh Bachchan and his team to go to their hometown in UP.

However, technical problems emerged with the railways and they had had to defer their plans. The Big B team then decided to send these migrants with six charter planes from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh. Media reports stated these 1547 labourers would travel in a plane for the first time and will reach UP by the evening.

Recently, lakhs of labourers and migrants, who were stranded in Mumbai due to the coronavirus lockdown arrived in their hometown. However, several migrants are still stranded owing to the financial crisis.

The report cited that Big B and his team have booked six charter plans with 180-passenger capacity each.

Recently, film star Sonu Sood also came forward to help migrants and sent thousands of migrants to their respective homes through buses and trains to Uttar Pradesh as well as other states. After that, many state governments praised his steps for his novel work during the corona pandemic.