Bengaluru: Union home minister Amit Shah was in Kolkata for the inaugural function of 29 Special Composite Group complex of National Security Guard (NSG). 

Amit Shah underlined the importance of NSG and also its effectiveness. He said, “We want peace in the entire world. In our history of 10,000 years, India has never attacked anyone. We would not allow anyone to disrupt our peace. And anyone who takes the lives of soldiers will have to pay dearly. People who want to divide the nation and disrupt its peace, they should fear the presence of NSG. If they still come, it is the responsibility of the NSG to fight them and defeat them."

The home minister also touched upon the point of differentiation between India's defence and foreign policy. 

In this regard, he said, "Under Prime Minister Modi, we are following the policy of zero-tolerance against terrorism and NSG takes the leading role in delivering upon it. After PM Modi came to power, a distinct differentiation has been made between India's defence and foreign policy, which wasn't like this in the past."

He was also particularly specific about bravery that the NSG commandos need to exhibit. 

"Under the leadership of Modi ji, the government of India will definitely fulfill all the expectations that NSG has. We will try to fulfill it within a period of five years. We can provide you good accommodation, the government can take care of the needs of your families, we can provide you with modern equipment and technology, but wars are won by the bravery and not equipment.” 

He also hoped that the coordination would improve. 

"The nation decided to expand the network of NSG after the Mumbai attacks. NSG has finely proven its presence in the entire country gradually. After today's inauguration, the coordination will only get better."