New Delhi: In order to cripple the coming generations in Jammu and Kashmir, banned terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) has threatened people to stop their children from going to Army Goodwill school and not to vote during the Lok Sabha election.

Terror outfits have pasted posters warning people not to send their children to Army goodwill school. These posters were reportedly seen in areas of south Kashmir. Police are trying to verify the authenticity of the poster written in Urdu but claims that terrorists in past have made a similar threat and have asked people to stay away from forces and not cooperate with them. They have warned that those who will send their wards to Army school will have to face dire consequences.

The Army goodwill school which are at 46 locational in which more than 14,000 students are studying is setting an example in the valley as it has recorded 100 per cent pass result in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 exams. Approximately one lakh students have benefitted in the last 15 years wherein they have obtained middle and higher secondary level education.

The Goodwill Schools are a part of the Army’s civil action programme ‘Operation Sadhbhavana’ to connect with the local population.

Terrorists through posters, audio and video have also warned the locals not to vote during the Lok Sabha election. They have threatened that those who vote will be killed.

“We have information that Army might force you to cast votes. But everyone should understand that they need to make a choice. Those who cast vote on the polling day in Shopian will be killed,” posters read.

The militant group has also threatened to kill those who work with the Army or Police as informers.

 “Our commander Riyaz Naikoo has told you a number of times to desist from polls but some people do not listen. The time is over now and we will act against them and put their videos in public,” it further said.

In a bid to disrupt the biggest democratic festival, terrorists hurled grenades at a polling station in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.

Grenades were thrown at Rohomoo polling station in the district when polling was underway for Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency. This was the first militant attack on a polling station in this Lok Sabha election in Jammu and Kashmir.

Polling officers were also attacked in Kashmir while returning from election duty. According to the reports, youth stone pelted on polling officers.