Bengaluru: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has never shied away from blaming Centre and holding Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister responsible for many ills in the society. 

That is inclusive of the current lockdown. Mamata has made no bones in criticising the centre for the decision to impose lockdown, the resultant migrant mayhem inter alia. 
But in what comes as a pleasant surprise, none other than the CM herself confessed that Amit Shah promised her that the centre can’t dislodge an elected government. 

In this regard, Mamata said, "I told Amit Shah, you are sending constantly central teams to Bengal. Go right ahead. But if you think the West Bengal government can't do the job, why don't you handle the corona crisis yourself? I have no problem." 

To this, Amit Shah’s reply, as stated by Banerjee herself was: "I thank him for what he said in response. He said... 'No, no, how can we dislodge an elected government'. He said that to me."  

The centre had been sending teams to the West Bengal government as the number of cases had been rising in the state. That move to send more teams had irked Mamata and her government and both the centre and the state governments had been on a warpath. 

She had more to say on this: "I would normally never disclose all this. But given the situation, I want to tell Amit Shah, take care. You have done the lockdown. But trains and planes are running. So what about the people?"

She further said. "I want to tell PM and HM (Home Minister), please see corona doesn't spread. We already have 1 lakh cases. Some quarters want it to spread for politics. Bihar is affected. Rajasthan, MP, it is spreading everywhere. What can I do? In this disastrous situation, I want PM to intervene.”