Bengaluru: The protests over George Floyd’s death in the United States has led to a lot of furore. 

But at the same time, while protests are going on, they have also given way to vandalism. 

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There are news reports that a Mahatma Gandhi statue was vandalised in Washington. 

With such a development, it is nothing short of shame that the statue of the exemplar of peace and harmony was desecrated. 

Once the news came out, United States' Ambassador to India Kenneth Juster issued an apology. 

On his Twitter account, he said, “So sorry to see the desecration of the Gandhi statue in Wash, DC. Please accept our sincere apologies. Appalled as well by the horrific death of George Floyd & the awful violence & vandalism. We stand against prejudice & discrimination of any type. We will recover & be better.” 


The Gandhi statue stands outside the Indian Embassy in Washington. 

Protests have been going on in the United States for a long time now over the barbaric killing of Floyd. 

Floyd was put to the ground by a White police officer named Derek Chauvin. A video in this regard went viral as Floyd repeatedly said he is unable to breathe. 

Now, Derek and a few more police officers have been pulled up. Derek has been charged with third degree murder and manslaughter and is slated to appear in a court this week. 

A note on instigation in India based on US protests: 

Back home in India, there have been several calls by many intellectuals to have protests on the same lines as that of George Floyd. 

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For example, Vinod Dua, a left leaner, used this instance of killing to foment trouble in India.

In his talk show, he said, “We have religious hatred in India whereas in US, there exists hatred between races. 40 cities are under curfew in America. Lakhs of people have hit the streets. Some of them even turned violent. The large presence of protestors on the streets, in the US, exemplified the empathy and humanity in them. But Indians are unaware of their rights.”