Bengaluru: On Wednesday, a YouTuber by name Gunja Kapoor was exposed wearing a burqa and taking part in Shaheen Bagh protests. 

She was even heckled in the crowd. But reports say that she used the slogan “Hey Ram” which made the co-protesters grow suspicious of her. 

A camera was also recovered from her. 

The report has quoted a woman named Nusarat, introduced as one of the protesters at the site, saying, “We have no problem with anyone coming here. But the woman started asking questions like ‘Kaun kaun se Hindu loag aaye thhe’ and other irrelevant questions. At one point when she remarked ‘Hey Ram’, we realised something was amiss.”

The report also quotes one Upasna Sharma as saying that when she asked Kapoor why she was clad in a burqa, the latter replied that she was scared to come there. 

The area (Shaheen Bagh) which is making a lot of headlines, is more or less like a slum, with dingy lanes, power cables hanging dangerously across the street. Several journalists have made a beeline to cover the protests, with a view to bring disrepute to the Narendra Modi government.

Not only at Shaheen Bagh, the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act across the country have only proved emphatically that the participants have either not read the act fully or have wantonly abstained from reading, with the obvious intention of creating violence and vandalism in the society. 

All that the CAA is does is to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. What is essentially a one-time offer to integrate the minorities socially and emotionally with India is being seen as divisive and communal.

The Act enables around 32000 minority members to become citizens of India.

Refusing to bog down, Union home minister Amit Shah has categorically reiterated that the government won’t roll back the CAA, come what may.