Hyderabad: This is the year 2019. We have the most progressive gadgets, technologies. We have also reached the moon. But when it comes to our mindset, we are travelling in the opposite direction, with regression as the underlining factor.

An all girls college in Hyderabad has established a dress code for girls. Well, dress code is certainly not new. But the college in question – St Francis College for Women – has redefined the term bizarre.

Yes, as strange as it sounds, the girls have been asked not to wear kurtis that are above the knees. Not just that, the college authorities have also asked the students not to wear sleeveless tops, shorts and similar dresses on campus.

The rule was made on August 1, but the students did not take it seriously. And the consequence? Well, they were made to stand out as a punishment. One of the students who videoed the entire incident termed it regressive and outdated.

“At a time when we are talking about women empowerment, such a diktat is against the entire campaign,” one of the students said.

But why on earth was such a rule made in the first place?

Well, here is the reason. A former alumna Zanobia Tumbi said that the management believes if the kurtis are below the knees, the girls would get a good marriage proposal.

She also said that the girls were humiliated if they wore a kurti even an inch lesser.

Enraged at the diktat, the students are now planning a strike against the management.