Bengaluru: Age is just a number for those who love adventure, isn’t it? 

In what comes not just as a surprise, but an inspiration as well, when three college friends decided to take up a road trip. 

Well, what’s so unique and different and unique in a road trip, one may ask. But here is the twist! 

These three friends are in their 60s and are college friends! 

NDTV reports that these friends, hailing from Chandigarh took the strange decision on just a phone call. 

The road trip that they endeavoured was a mammoth 4500 kilometres! 

It certainly wasn’t easy. The long and arduous journey took a month and 10 days. 
The three in question are: Robin Nakai, wife Amrita, and their friend Usha, the website adds. 

They drove through Udaipur, Mumbai, Ganpatipule, Panjim, Hampi, Bengaluru, and Chennai before flying to the Andamans. On their return journey, they stopped at Puducherry.

"We have been a trio since the days of Bob Dylan and Woodstock in the 70s. We've done some crazy things together and always had each other's back," Robin was quoted as saying. 

As said, the journey was not at all easy. They had to face a lot of hostile situations. For example, after flying to Andamans, they had to face some really tough moments. 

They took 16 hours to drive from Port Blair in the South to Diglipur in the North. Though the distance is just 300 kilometres, the road conditions were not friendly to them. 

What sets them apart is how they braved such an adventure, that too during the times of pandemic and ultimately, ended up making new memories.