Bengaluru: After former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech that he delivered after the all-party meet in relation to Galwan Valley clashes, BJP has hit back at the former PM. 

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As reported by Republic TV, BJP National Spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said, "It is very unfortunate that in a very systematic manner, now the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes out and speaks under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi and once, the Prime Minister of the country, Modi Ji has made it clear that every inch of Indian territory is safe and protected by the brave soldiers, it's a sinister design of the Congress to create controversies to jeopardize national security."


He  further added, "We must also not forget that under Manmohan Singh's regime, that how India could not even retaliate in a befitting way when China was intruding into our territory and what was the state of the Indian Army with very little ammunition left, no bullet-proof jacket and the Indian Army was completely ignored and their needs were ignored so I think Manmohan Singh Ji should pay heed to the words of Narendra Modi Ji and not make it political.” 

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Manmohan Singh had said, “The Prime Minister cannot allow them to use his words as a vindication of their position and must ensure that all organs of the government work together to tackle this crisis and prevent it from escalating further.” 

He had also said, “Our Government’s decisions and actions will have serious bearings on how the future generations perceive us. Those who lead us bear the weight of a solemn duty. The Prime Minister must always be mindful of the implications of his words and declarations on our Nation’s security as also strategic and territorial interests.” 
Gaurav Bhatia further added, "The Prime Minister's Office was demeaned during the UPA era and the Congress party should come out and explain to the nation why the Prime Minister was not even present when a party to party agreement was signed. It is a question that has troubled every citizen of the country."