Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh): A Pakistani woman residing in India for last 34 years after she tied the knot with a man from Muzaffarnagar city has been granted the Indian citizenship.
The woman till now was living on a long-term visa.

Born in 1960 in Pakistan's Hyderabad, Zubeda Begum married Syed Mohammad Zaved, a resident of Yogenderpur locality in Muzaffarnagar and came to India in 1985.

She immediately then applied for a long-term visa in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Her application remained with the government for 10 years.

Eventually, in 1994, Zubeda was granted long-term visa. Since then, the term of Zubeda's visa was being extended continuously every year.

"I married to Javed 34 years ago. I have been to several governments offices in Lucknow and New Delhi for citizenship. I don't know why I did not get citizenship earlier. Indian authorities denied visa several times due to this," she told ANI.

Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) Inspector, Naresh Kumar said, "She got married in 1985 and applied for Indian nationality in 1994. When she completed 7 years on the basis of her LTV (Long Term Visa), the process began. On the basis of her conduct, she was granted Indian citizenship last week."

Now, Zubeda is eligible to get her name registered on the voter list and get her documents- voter identity card, Aadhaar card and ration card.
The woman has two daughters Rumesha and Zumesha and both are married. (ANI)