Bengaluru: The vandalism, violence and hooliganism in Bengaluru on the night of August 12 by a Muslim mob, which was enraged after a defamatory post was put on an Islamic reverential figure on the social media speak of nothing short of a disaster.
Though everyone has the right to feel offended, there is a legal apparatus in place which one should take recourse to in order to get their grievances addressed. But to take law into their own hands and go on an attacking spree doesn’t augur well for a society. 

While the lumpen elements set themselves free on the streets to unleash violence, there was one visual that was uploaded on social media. 

The video shows a number of men holding hands together, in what appears a human chain, to guard a temple. 


With the caption, “This is the beauty of India” the uploader wanted to emphasise that while a few Muslims went on the rampage, there were a few others who were playing the role of Good Samaritans. 

As it went viral, BJP national secretary, BL Santosh gave a befitting reply. He replied saying, “This is beauty of India after a Police station was ransacked .. More than 20 vehicles torched . MLAs house gutted . 3 deaths in Police firing . 140 arrests . Is beauty of India an ad attempt post enginneered violence ...?”


The incident has dented the image of Bengaluru as a peaceful city a severe beating. 

It is being reported that the entire attack was planned, with SDPI as the organiser. 

There are other speculations that SDPI member Muzamil Pasha wanted to avenge a political insult inflicted upon him by local Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy during the time of elections. 

As the day progressed, home minister Basavaraj Bommai announced that the properties of the rioters would be confiscated to make up for the losses.