The little boy, identified as Ahmad was recorded dancing with his newly-fitted prosthetic leg. The video of this merry little boy celebrating at the orthopaedic centre has gone viral on social media.

With the many years of war in Afghanistan, thousands of people have died and millions have been injured. The effects of war can be seen mostly in children. The severity and damage caused to lives and properties by war are determined by the number of child casualties.

In 2018, at least 927 children were killed, which is the highest number of children to have ever been killed in a conflict in one year in a specific territory, as reported by UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan).

But this week, a happy video has emerged from the war-torn country. The boy in the video identified as Ahmad. He is a resident of Logar province and he had lost his leg in a landmine explosion. However, this cheerful boy, in the video, doesn't seem to show any sign of distress. He is, in fact, seen dancing around at the International Red Cross Orthopaedic Centre, unable to hide his happiness. He signifies the damage inflicted on Afghanistan.

This clip brings smiles to people’s faces. People find the little one truly inspiring and realise the resilience of Afghan people, who have faced the terrors of war for almost 20 years now.