Bengaluru: Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman took on those who criticised her using the term ‘Act of God’. 

She said, "Many people spoke on GST compensation issue (and) my statement of Act of God was referred several times. I am happy for that. People like using Latin expression of force majeure, for expressing extraordinary situation. But simple woman finance minister saying the Act of God is taken sarcastically. What is this sir?"

“Force majeure in the court for clients is very well but not Act of God because this woman, who is minister, looks like neighbourhood aunty. So, how can she ever say this? I like this condescension," she further added. 

She also took umbrage to the fact that many were spreading rumours that her government, headed by PM Modi, was reneging on its GST promise. 

She said, "I am ready to listen to your suggestions but not sarcasm. Name one state government, which can manage the current situation on its own."

Talking of rumours, the Opposition is resorting to such methods to somehow target the Modi government. 

In relation to the Farmers’ Bill, the Congress and other opposition parties are claiming that the Bill is anti-farmers. SAD MP Harsimrat Kaur also resigned, but the truth is that the Congress too wanted to bring in some sort of a legislation on the same lines. 

In fact, expelled Congress leader Sanjay Jha had openly put out a tweet, saying that the Congress and BJP were on the same page as far as farmers’ reforms were concerned. 

Even Kaur, after resigning, did a U-turn. She said it was the farmers who were saying that the bills are against them and not she. 

On the other hand, PM Modi has urged farmers not to believe anyone and trust the government as it is for the benefit of farmers.