Bengaluru: Innovative inventions go a long way in easing the lives of people. 

15-year-old Neha Bhatt from Puttur, Karnataka, has proved that one can think and achieve beyond their age. 

At just a young age, she has designed a sprayer that minimises the farmer-pesticide interaction and mitigates the consequences, reports The Better India. 

Areca-nut growing farmers spray a mixture called the ‘Bordeaux’ or ‘Bordo’ on the Supari crop to prevent fungal infection.

When the mixture comes in contact with humans, it has the potential to cause irritation in the eyes, chest and nausea. 

After understanding the intricacies, Neha designed the sprayer that weighs 30 kilos and submitted the prototype for the CSIR innovation programme.

“Having heard so many stories of Bordo mixture being an absolute necessity despite its hazardous effect, I always wanted to ease the troubles of farmers. The innovation challenge was like a much-needed push to act. I am grateful to my parents, teachers, and most importantly, farmers who gave their valuable inputs at every stage of development,” Neha says as quoted by the website. 

Neha has also used second-hand parts in designing the automatic sprayer that requires minimal human interaction. 

“Neha has addressed all these problems with the automatic kit machine that requires minimal human intervention. She has used all second-hand parts and ones already available in the house to make the kit that comprises a diesel motor, battery, 2 gator pumps, pressure release walls, a gearbox and liquid level indicator. The kit is mounted on a cart so that it can easily be transported across the farm,” says Shivaprasad, ATL in charge at Vivekananda English Medium School. 

The website adds that she is now designing another machine that is smaller in size and much more efficient. 

She further thanks her schoolteachers and other seniors who have guided her in her endeavour.