Bengaluru: Narendra Modi-led Union government’s decision to abrogate Articles 370 and 35A last year paved the way for completion integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. 

But it is alleged that sitting in the far-off US, many are using this tool of abrogation to incite Kashmiris to pick up stones and guns, while the children of the ones who instigate Kashmiris graduate from universities in America. 

The description of one such man named Tony Ashai on his twitter account goes like this:
“A Kashmiri-AMERICAN Dedicated to Kashmir and its people, Justice and Right to Protest. I speak my mind, if it bothers you please block me. No Offense meant.” 

Let’s take a look at what he had posted: 


And after he posted, it has been revealed that he is a JKLF member and is very close to actor Shah Rukh Khan. 



But it should be noted that this twitter user goes on to say that Ashai has spewed hatred against India.


"SRK has used Ashai for a lot of his architecture brains. Moreover,  @gaurikhan has also been involved with Ashai in a lot of her projects. This is very important to know as Ashai is a masked Peace Activist, he has been spewing venom against India on Indus News, consistently."


It is also alleged that it was JKLF which funded his studies and even his business.

"Aziz Ashai (Tony Ashai) went to university in buffalo completely funded by JKLF. This Meeting happened after his graduation, The Meeting happened in Italy. JKLF funded his tuition. Moreover his First business, Ashai design was funded by JKLF itself." 

Here’s more information on his son Bilal Ashai.

"$ 450k came from a shell company in Birmingham in autumn of 1992. Moreover, his son (Bilal Ashai) is a Member of MSA which has links to The muslim brotherhood. His son just graduated from @USC. His son's name is Bilal Ashai."

It is further alleged that Ashai is in touch with ISI.


Later, he himself put out a tweet, issuing a clarification. He said, “My response to all the people who responded to my previous tweet.

“When All is said and done, More is said and Less is done”. Talk is cheap, you want freedom you will have to fight & I don’t mean to pick up a Gun, there are other ways. Google how to get freedom with non violence.”

These tweets convincingly show how men sitting in the confines of their cozy rooms provoke others to take up hostility, not only ruining their lives but also that of others.