Bengaluru: Opposition parties are raising a hue and cry over as the Central government’s decision to abolish the question hour. 

But it is to be noted that question hours have been abolished earlier too. And these abolitions have taken place even in state assemblies as well. 

However, the opposition parties are trying to portray themselves as pristine pure even though they very well know there is nothing wrong in it. 

BJP Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar has exposed these lies emphatically. 


He further noted, “Btw this is the same opposition that has sought cancellatn of #QuestionHour under rule 267 n/or disrupted it relentlessly n on so many occassions (60% time wasted by disruptions) n didnt think of “democracy” then? 


The MP explained how members can still ask questions if they really are sincere in doing so: “Truth is that this Parliament session. MPs can still ask 160 unstarred Questns n upto 10 Special mentions. This allows the 4 hours per day for debates on Covid, Economy without disruptions n petty poltics etc - important for people. Real Democracy not #Hypocrisy #QuestionHour” 

Certainly, it is not the first time that the decision to abolish a question hour has been taken. 

The MP noted, “It’s   not the first time that #QuestionHour has been cancelled. Its was done in 1962, 1975, 1976, 1991,   2004     and 2009 for various reasons. So if u hear a politician doing his drama abt Democracy n Question hour - its just that Drama n #Hypocrisy #Hypocrites.” 


As we write this, there are news reports that throw light on how the Bengal assembly monsoon session will be run for not more than 2 days. But what is interesting to note is the cancellation of the question hour!  

So it is amply clear that the opposition parties are insincere to the core in crying foul over abolition of question hour in the Parliament, but not having any such hours in the state assemblies.