New Delhi: Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Varthaman will have a long debriefing session on his return to India, which will include his physiological as well as a physical check-up.

As per the laid down defence procedures, it is important for the forces to debrief an officer who has come back from a stressful, militarily hostile ambience. Doctors and psychologists will attend the debriefing session of Abhinandan.

The IAF will also check whether he has been bugged by Pakistani forces. Abhinandan, who is an IAF pilot, will also face some rounds of questions from the IB and R&AW officers.

The debriefing session will be conducted in rounds, where different officers will analyse the pilot.

Abhinandan, while taking on Pakistan's F-16s that intruded into Indian airspace, parachuted into Pakistan occupied Kashmir on Wednesday morning. Pakistan, after facing immense international pressure, was forced to release him on Friday.

Sources confirm that top officers of the defence establishment will start the debriefing of Abhinandan with his physical check-up, which will include multiple tests. His further professional assignment will be based on the assessments given by the officers.

The purpose of debriefing is to investigate the condition of the officer, to be conducted by senior officers and defence medical officers. This process helps the forces also to offer required support to the officer to prevent him/her from further stress reactions. Through this, the IAF will analyse whether Abhinandan needs any further professional intervention.

Experts say, during the debriefing, the pilot will be asked about the incident and the decisions he took while taking on Pakistan’s F-16 planes.

Sources in the IAF have confirmed that Abhinandan will have to tell his senior officers about the whole incident, his stay in Pakistan etc in details, which may take hours. He would be asked whether he faced any brutality in Pakistan by their forces while he was detained by the Pakistan Army.

If the IAF officers find anything that reflects brutality by Pakistan, India will take the matter up on international forums as per the procedures followed by all defence forces.

‘Defence medicine’ is SOP for forces of all countries

Debriefing is an old process adopted by all defence forces. The Israel defence forces, for example, have psychological guidelines and medical team debriefing after treating the soldier who had undergone an event that may be experienced as stressful.

Similarly, the United States has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) session designed as per the guidance of the American Psychiatric Association.