Bengaluru: For months together now, the opposition parties, headed by the Congress, are crying conspiracy over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as they reason it out that the Act divides people based on religion. 

But today, in the Maharashtra Assembly, minorities minister Nawab Malik informed the house that a bill would be passed to reserve 5% seats for Muslims in schools and colleges. 
Interestingly, the move to engender such a bill was a part of the manifestos of both the Congress and the NCP before the Maharashtra elections. 

It is also to be noted that the previous Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra had passed an ordinance reserving 5% seats for Muslims but was struck down by the Devendra Fadnavis government. However, as reported by Republic TV website, it was upheld based on a Bombay high court verdict (Only in education). 

While none opposes reservations for minorities as they need to be brought to the mainstream, we focus our lenses on the hypocrisy and double standards of the Congress and NCP. 

They have kept on opposing CAA saying it divides people on religious lines and have instigated Muslims against PM Modi. But in Maharashtra, they want to extend the facility to Muslims based on their religions, the very gravamen that fuels their argument.  

At the same time, though it has been belaboured that the CAA doesn’t even apply to Indian citizens, the Congress and NCP have succeeded tremendously in creating a sort of confusion among Muslims that they will be stripped of their citizenship.   

On one hand, oppose CAA while on the other, appease Muslims through spreading of massive lies. 

This is one aspect of the development. And for the Shiva Sena, it has only been caught betwixt and between. 

Narendra Taneja, a BJP spokesperson said, “The greed of power has made the Shiva Sena surrender and be subservient. The Congress and NCP are only playing politics. When we devise policies, it is not about religion, but it is for people across religions.”